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Overhead Stops

Building Supply BFF is your trusted source for premium overhead stops, designed to provide superior door control and enhanced safety in hospitals, restaurants, and other commercial settings. As an ecommerce site dedicated to offering top-quality building supplies, we proudly feature overhead stops from industry-leading brands like ABH Manufacturing Inc and First Choice Building Products.

Building Supply BFF also provides a comprehensive range of Door Closers, ensuring smooth and controlled door operation in any commercial setting. Explore our selection to find the perfect fit for your project's needs.


Can overhead stops be installed on existing doors?

Yes, our overhead stops can be easily retrofitted to existing doors, allowing you to upgrade your door control and safety without replacing the entire door system.

How do I choose the right overhead stop for my specific application?

Consider factors such as the door size, weight, and expected traffic when selecting an overhead stop. Our knowledgeable customer support team is available to help you make an informed decision based on your unique requirements.

Are your overhead stops suitable for use in fire-rated doors?

Yes, we offer overhead stops that are designed and tested for use in fire-rated door assemblies, ensuring compliance with fire safety regulations.