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Rescue Hardware

Building Supply BFF is your trusted ecommerce destination for innovative rescue hardware solutions, designed to facilitate safe and efficient emergency egress in hospitals, restaurants, and other commercial facilities. Our selection of rescue hardware, including unique strikes that allow bi-directional doors to swing in emergency situations, ensures that your building is prepared for any crisis.

Building Supply BFF is dedicated to providing comprehensive rescue hardware solutions for emergency egress in commercial settings. Our range includes not only unique strikes enabling bi-directional door swings but also essential accessories such as Coordinators, Edge Guards, Flush Bolts, Hospital Latches, and Magnetic Holders. These components work seamlessly together to optimize safety and efficiency during emergency situations, ensuring smooth operation and quick access to exits when needed most. Trust Building Supply BFF to equip your facility with reliable rescue hardware that prioritizes the well-being of occupants.


How do bi-directional door strikes work in emergency situations?

Bi-directional door strikes allow doors to swing freely in both directions when an emergency is detected, such as during a fire alarm activation, enabling quick and easy evacuation.

Are your rescue hardware products compliant with fire safety codes and regulations?

Yes, our rescue hardware products are designed and tested to meet or exceed relevant fire safety codes and regulations, ensuring that your facility remains compliant and prepared for emergency situations.

Can rescue hardware be integrated with my building's existing access control systems?

Absolutely. Many of our rescue hardware solutions can be seamlessly integrated with various access control systems, allowing for efficient management of emergency egress and maintaining the security of your facility.