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Building Supply BFF is proud to offer a comprehensive selection of Dormakaba products, a global leader in innovative and secure access solutions. Dormakaba caters to the specific needs of commercial facilities, ensuring smooth operation, enhanced security, and a seamless user experience.

We also offer competitive prices, exceptional customer service, and fast shipping to keep your project on track. Explore our collection below to find the perfect Dormakaba solutions for your commercial building. And remember, if you have any questions, our expert staff is always happy to assist you.

Thinking about a complete access control solution? Building Supply BFF doesn't just offer Dormakaba products - we carry a wide range of solutions from leading brands! Explore our extensive collections from American Specialties, Eliason Doors, ABH Manufacturing, Cendrex Access Doors, Best Locks, First Choice, and Trimco. We can provide everything you need to secure and manage access throughout your commercial space.


Are Dormakaba products known for their quality?

Absolutely. Dormakaba is a leading innovator in access control technology, and their products are renowned for their:

  • Unwavering Reliability: You can expect long-lasting performance and dependable operation from Dormakaba solutions.
  • Cutting-Edge Design: Dormakaba stays ahead of the curve, offering advanced features that adapt to your evolving needs.

Do your prices include installation for Dormakaba products?

The prices listed on our website are for the products themselves. While Building Supply BFF doesn't directly offer installation services, we can connect you with qualified professionals experienced in Dormakaba product installation to ensure proper setup.

Can Dormakaba products integrate with my existing security system?

In some cases, Dormakaba products can integrate with existing security systems. The level of integration will depend on the capabilities of your current system and the specific Dormakaba solution you're considering. Our product information may mention compatibility details, but for a definitive answer, we recommend consulting with our customer service team or a qualified security professional to assess your existing system and determine compatibility.